Site Management (Creator)

Yes. After a Journal entry is created, click to edit the post. On the edit screen you will be able edit the publish date.

Yes, each Journal entry has then option to enable or disable comments.

When you create a new Journal entry there will be an option to enable or disable comments. This option is also available when editing a Journal entry.


Yes. You can download your entire journal including photos to a Microsoft word document.

To do this, navigate to your Journal page. Below the Author new Journal Entry section, click the "Download all journal entries" link.

Please allow up to 120 seconds for the operation to complete.


To share your Journal entry to Facebook, simply check the "Post this update to Facebook" checkbox when creating the update.


Alternatively, you can use the sharing buttons on the entry detail page.


On each journal entry, next to the name of the author who posted is a link with three vertical dots and the word "manage". (note: only the three vertical dots are visible on mobile).

Click the link and choose to either delete or edit the journal entry.


We know that some journal entries are evergreen. Meaning, they contain important information that is always useful to new people visiting your site. As more and more entries to your Journal are created, these important evergreen entries get to push further down the list and more difficult to locate.

To ensure there was a way to stick the "Important" evergreen entries at the top we created a section in the left bar of the Journal page to keep all of these important entries.

When a Journal entry is marked as "Important", it means that a link to that journal entry will be added to the list of "Important" entries visible in the left sidebar of your Journal page.


The Journal on your PostHope is where you publish all status updates, thoughts & important information you want to share with the people following your site.

Your Journal is the primary and centralized source of information about your need, journey cause etc. to the people following your site.

When you publish a new Journal entry, there is an option to notify your followers. If this option is selected, then all the people following your site who have elected to receive email updates about new Journal entries will be notified.

If this option is not checked, then no notifications will be sent.


PostHope uses to process credit card transactions. Stripe charges a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per transaction. We at PostHope do not collect any fee or portion of the donation. For example, if a user donates $50.00 dollars you would receive $48.85.

  • No monthly fee
  • No monthly minimum
  • No cancellation charge
  • No setup charge

Yes. On the Received Donations settings page there is a section named Offline Donations.

There you can record the donation you received via cash or check. The amount entered will be added to your total received donations and reflect on the progress of your goals.


No, all transactions will occur directly on your donations page. This is a more fluid and less confusing experience than other donation sites that redirect the user to a 3rd party website to enter their credit card information.

With PostHope, the entire donation process is completed on our secure network without your users ever leaving your website.

In order to change the deposit bank account you will need to sign into your

Here are complete documentation on how to complete this:

Simple. We deposit all the money donated to your desired bank account. The bank account can be changed at any time for your convenience.

The deposits are automatically transferred with no action required from you.

If you would like to turn off donations for your PostHope site and hide the associated donation tab, simple ensure that both the credit card donation option and donations my mail option are turned off.

Once both are turned off, the donation tab on your site will be hidden. Not it can take up to 5 min after disabling the donation settings for the donation tab to become hidden.

Yes! PostHope is 100% PCI DSS-compliant. You can read more about PCI DSS-compliance here. We take our users information and security extremely serious and work diligently to ensure their information is secure.

Your donors will see a charge from PostHope on their credit card statement.

The first deposit will be made 7 days from the initial donation date. Then, deposits will be made every two days for the respective open balance.

You can check on on transfers by navigating to > Donation Settings > Credit Cards > Click the "Log" tab.

Yes. In your Site Settings under the Content Settings section there is an option to enable or disable comments on Posts.


Yes. In your Site Settings under the Content Settings section there is an option to enable or disable photos on Posts.

If disabled, Followers will not be able to add photos to their Posts.


Yes. In your Site Settings, there is a Content Settings section. One of the options allows you to require that all new Posts and Comments be approved before they are publicly visible to other visitors of your site.


On your PostHope site, Posts are where visitors leave their messages of hope and encouragement to you or your cause.

This of it as a type of guest book.


When creating calendar entries you are able to choose from a list of types:


By default some calendar types require a volunteer for example, rides and meals. Other types such as event, visits or tasks will optionally require people to volunteer or RSVP.

Here is an example of a meal:


To add captions to photos, you will need to navigate to the Album edit page.

  1. Navigate to your Photos page
  2. Select a Album using the "Photo Albums" button
  3. Click the "Edit" link

You can now add captions to each photo in the album.

To add additional photos to your albums, you will need to navigate to the Album detail page.

  • Navigate to your Photos page
  • Select a Album using the "Photo Albums" button
  • Click the "add photos" link

Once you are there, simply add photos.

To arrange photos in an Album, you will need to navigate to the Album edit page.

  1. Navigate to your Photos page
  2. Select a Album using the "Photo Albums" button
  3. Click the "Edit" link

You can now drag and drop the photos in the order you choose.

If you need to block a Follower from your site, you can do this in the Followers & Authors settings page on your site.

  1. Navigate to the Followers & Authors page
  2. Search for the user you want to block
  3. Click the Block User button for the given user

At PostHope we allow you to make your site as private or as public as fits your needs.

You can adjust these settings under the Privacy Settings section of your website.

Privacy Options Available

Anyone can view your site and find it on search engines like Google 13889

People can view my site if they know the website address 13888

People can view my site if they have the global password I created 13891

People can view my site only if they Follow it first 13886

People can view my site only if I have approved them to have access 13885

To include or exclude your site from the PostHope search, navigate to your Privacy Settings page. On the bottom of that page here is a section called PostHope Search Options. Make the desired selection there and click the Save Privacy Settings button.


Navigate to your Privacy Settings page and make the following selections:


Navigate to your Privacy Settings page and make the following selections:


If you need to adjust what email notifications you receive, navigate to your Email Notifications settings page and make your desired selections. Once you are finished, click the "Save notification settings" button.


PostHope makes it easy to share your website on social networks and invite friends and family via email.

To do this, navigate to your "Invite People & Share" settings page of your website. Here you can:

  1. Copy your URL to manually share
  2. Request an email template we will send to your inbox and you can forward to all friends and family in your personal email address book
  3. Select a social network to share your site on


On your About page we offer the ability to add links to websites that you feel may be helpful for your visitors.

You can add a link to a hospital website or a link to information about a specific doses or condition. It is up to you. We also list your Stick Journal entries in the list to help visitors find your most important entries.

If you need to allow additional people to manage your site, you will need to promote them to be a Publisher or an Administrator.

  1. Navigate to the Followers & Authors page
  2. Search for the user you want to allow to manage your site
  3. Click the Make Publisher button or the Make Admin for the given user

Once this is done, the user will receive an email notifying them that they now have privileges to manage your site with you.

Note: Publishers can create and approve content but they cannot manage the sites settings like Privacy, Theme, Donations etc. Administrator can manage every aspect of your site the same as you are including content, settings, themes, donations etc.

To view the list of users Following your site, navigate to your Followers & Authors page if your website.

Once there you can see a list of all the people following your website. You can optionally choose to make any Follower a Publisher or Block them from your site.